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Oceans of Possibilities

Crunch & Munch: Snack Attack!

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All Together Now

Kind Heart

Move & Groove:
A Musical Adventure!

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"Kind Heart", "A Jungle Journey" and "All Together Now" are rooted in Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) practices. They are great tools for teaching acceptance, maintaining positive relationships, being mindful and emphasizing kindness.

"Move and Groove: A Musical Adventure" is action-packed with songs, dances, and instruments. Great for children ages 3-6. (If mixed ages, all ages love it!).

"Oceans of Possibilities" educates children on being a good steward of our Earth while having fun at the same time!

"Noggin' Safety" is a great show for emphasizing safety while on wheels and the importance protecting your brain by wearing a helmet!

Crunch & Munch:
Snack Attack!

In "Crunch & Munch" , children learn how healthy snacking keeps them active for playing, learning and feeling GREAT!

In "A Jungle Journey", Marvin embarks on an unexpected adventure where he meets several wild friends and discovers the joy of being mindful and fully present in the moment.

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Kind Heart

Grace, Josie and Eddy discover how sharing kindness with others also helps yourself. They learn about forgiveness, how actions speak louder than words, and how to be a good friend.

For ages 3-11*

*Show can be adjusted for a more specific age range


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Oceans of Possibilities

Josie is excited to be on vacation in Hawaii with her family. While there, she joins a beach clean-up crew and talks with the children about keeping our beaches clean and how they can help.

The children will also meet Daisy Dolphin, Dizzy Shark and Inky Dinky Doo. a 5-foot tall octopus! The children will learn about ocean life from these larger-than-life puppets.

For ages 3-11*

*Show can be adjusted for more specific age range


"Oceans of Possibilies!"

For ages 6-11*

*Show can be adjusted for more specific age range

Bike Safety

Grace is so excited- she is getting a brand new bike AND a brand new helmet! She knows how important it is to protect her brain.
After all, we only have one!

Grace can’t wait to share how everyone can keep their brain safe. 

In "Bike Safety", Grace & friends share with the audience all about helmet & bike safety. Children learn about how to properly fit a helmet, road safety, why our brains need to be protected, and more!


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For ages 3-11 with adjustments made for specific age group

Marvin & Friends interact with the children about healthy snacking that will make a difference in their energy for learning and playing!

Marvin shows children though examples that eating yummy healthy snacks can keep them active and feeling great!

Crunch & Munch: Snack Attack!

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For ages 3-10, adjustments made for specific age groups

In a world that sometimes seems unkind, how can we learn to work "All Together Now"?

This show explores that question, focusing on visible and invisible disabilities. Josie, Grace & Jack share & engage with the audience about their disabilities and their friend Eddie is challenged to spend a day using Josie's wheelchair.

Grace and her friends believe if we all are willing to work “All Together Now” our world can be a kinder and more caring place!

This show includes original music performed by Trixie, a life-size puppet who encourages the audience to sing and dance along!

All Together Now

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For ages 3-6 (If ages are mixed, all ages love it!)

Move and Groove:
A Musical Adventure!

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Join Trixie and her friends as they share their love of music and dance.

In this show, children really do move and groove! They will sing songs -both familiar and new- with Trixie and her friends. Percussion instruments are provided for kids to play along and scarves are handed out when it's time to dance!

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