Grace & Grins puppet shows bring giggles and delight to children with Grace and several of her friends, including Eddy, Josie, Trixie, Milly, and more!

The puppetry style is called "Bunraku", a traditional Japanese puppet theatre art form that means “you can see”.

The puppeteer camouflages with the black background and seemingly disappears as the audience engages with the puppets even though they can technically “see” the puppeteer the entire time! 

What kind of puppetry is Grace & Grins?

My 3 kids, 7 down to 2 years old LOVED the ("Kind Heart") show! Sharon and her puppets interact with the kids, letting them ask and answer questions. It’s a great, fun way to teach kids the importance of kindness.
-Lindsay, Mom of 3

My favorite part was when Josie told the kids how to clean up. I liked all the characters and I also liked the underwater part. I give the show 2 thumbs up! 

-Amelia, age 6

I loved the (Oceans of Possibilities) show! It inspired me to clean up the environment. I think kids will love the characters. It was so interesting to learn how Sharon made the puppets. I liked when Inky Dinky and Dizzy showed up! Out of a 1 to 5 rating I would give it a 5!
-Gabe, age 9

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daniel + mary

Our wedding album is still the talking point when people come over to our house! They are absolutely stunning! Thank you Hamilton!

kallie + Robert

We are ecstatic with how our engagement session went and how beautiful the images came out! Thank you Hamilton for capturing us so authentically.

mary Rose

Goodness! I am absolutely in love with my photos - they are STUNNING. And the Henderson pair were so easy to work with! Totally recommend!

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